List of companies related to DIGIPLUS VOD1 (DVB-T)

Company Conditional Access System Country CAId providerId Clines Nlines
DIGIPLUS VOD1 (DVB-T) Viaccess 0500 041B00

Related Clines

Cline Status
C: 17000 frc100454 9k1kk
C: 17000 frc100548 ny1kk
C: 13000 ptk1564 qt1k8
C: 13000 tkp1514 i18y4
C: 13000 nzf1467 y1kkb
C: 13000 nzn1412 by1cs
C: 13000 lsp1549 47k1k
C: 13000 ktp1357 t71ee
c: 13000 nzn1491 j1143
c: 13000 nzn1445 mk1t1
C: 13000 hsn1347 t71kq
C: 13000 nzn1495 mkt11
C: 21001 bs55232 be1u
C: 21001 bs55754 9k1kk
C: 13000 nzf1331 k1kks
C: 21001 bs55328 5h1gy
C: 13000 tkp1349 47k1k
C: 21001 bs55140 udk1s
C: 13000 tkp1338 5h1gb
C: 13000 ptk1419 41s58

Related Nlines

Nline Status
This company hasn't got any associated nlines