List of companies related to (Old) BBC Prime

Company Conditional Access System Country CAId providerId Clines Nlines
(Old) BBC Prime Viaccess 0500 00A000

Related Clines

Cline Status
C: 9998 xisko FranVedo
C: 9998 mendesj 1804benigno2012
C: 9998 jota2 kimo2
C: 9998 jota1 kimo1
C: 9998 jota0 kimo0
C: 9998 filadeira gforum3
C: 9998 andre vedderdt6
C: 42244 novak20 commando
C: 42244 novak25 commando
C: 9998 22aibram05 20jpfant12
C: 9998 17rudyalemon 03loneroboler11
C: 9998 16averara02 20corvopreto12
C: 9998 15rogernatali 03carol11
C: 9998 1301menavsat dragtsilver10
C: 9998 0912jofer09 exqimnani
C: 22222 commando-srbija10
C: 22222 commando-srbija9
C: 22222 commando-srbija8
C: 22222 commando-srbija7
C: 22222 commando-srbija6

Related Nlines

Nline Status
This company hasn't got any associated nlines