FranSat HD CCcam clines

Find our recently tested FranSat HD clines and download FranSat HD CCcam cline servers for free

Line Status
C: 34200 sc606798 n71pk
C: 11100 gr1qdx
C: 11000 4bpxp1
C: 11200 ldgfzy
C: 11000 8kq3pn
C: 18000 frcc401368 5h18k
C: 34200 sc606826 kh1nc
C: 21001 bs99990 u21ds
C: 11200 0pxhq2
C: 18000 frcc401438 5h1gk
C: 13000 frederika 84532085
C: 13000 frederika 84532049
C: 13000 frederika 84532148
C: 13000 ale1397 tn15q
C: 13000 ale1401 k1s23
C: 8456 jf1654sz cccamcafard
c: 8456 jf1654sz cccamcafard
C: 29000 vvf7ig free
C: 25054 08zpe7 free
C: 25054 oamino free

Similar companies to FranSat HD

There are several satellite providers like FranSat HD. Find those companies below:

Name Conditional Access System Country CAId Provider ID Clines Nlines
FranSat HD Viaccess FR 0500 041950
FranSat HD Viaccess FR 0500 0419A0
FranSat HD Viaccess FR 0500 001950
FranSat HD Viaccess FR 0500 0019A0