DigiTurk CCcam clines

Find our recently tested DigiTurk clines and download DigiTurk CCcam cline servers for free

Line Status
C: frc.cohosting.co 18000 frcc401368 5h18k
C: srvon.ddns.net 33000 n8753 n8753
C: safosat.dyndns.org 17700 DEL355 31337
C: supercc.iptf.me 28000 xdx753 G1s103
C: supercc.iptf.me 28000 xdx545 C8O3iZ
C: 1.tvsnake.com 22600 W93M2T V6q7TN
C: 1.tvsnake.com 22600 DJx89v 64wt9v
C: 1.tvsnake.com 22300 CNkM6r mHZGp2
C: 1.tvsnake.com 22300 xnc69y hwpZzf
C: 1.tvsnake.com 22300 fn3gy2 WxPpGd
C: 1.tvsnake.com 22800 dmqHkK k4cCMx
C: 1.tvsnake.com 22800 dmqHkK k4cCmX
C: 1.tvsnake.com 22700 kdzVTL HwhK9z
C: 1.tvsnake.com 22400 j3WDmy Fj9JbQ
C: 1.tvsnake.com 22400 J3hmMv 6VHbBy
C: 10741 Titantest58205 3tevb74if0
C: flash1.ddnss.me 65201 flash316 algerianiptv
C: 1.tvsnake.com 22800 4KwPVF yRgxmq
C: rs11.fcnoip.org 24000 rs1663 9986777
C: z1.fcnoip.org 23001 z1310 2102121

Similar companies to DigiTurk

There are several satellite providers like DigiTurk. Find those companies below:

Name Conditional Access System Country CAId Provider ID Clines Nlines
DigiTurk Cryptoworks TR 0D00 0000C0
DigiTurk Cryptoworks TR 0D00 0000C4
DigiTurk Cryptoworks TR 0D00 0000C8
DigiTurk Cryptoworks TR 0D00 0000CC
(Old) Digiturk Cryptoworks 0D03 0000C0
(Old) Digiturk Lig Cryptoworks 0D03 0000C4
(Old) Digiturk Cryptoworks 0D03 0000C8
DigitUrk Irdeto 0664 000001
DigitUrk Irdeto 0664 000002
DigitUrk Irdeto 0664 000003