Canal+ Marghreb CCcam clines

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Line Status
C: 12000 danyfaria danyfariapass
c: 12000 danyfaria danyfariapass
C: 12000 danyfaria danyfariapas
C: 6800 BF03
C: 6800 909U
C: 6800 W03D
C: 6800 363c
C: 6800 73lH
C: 6800 JuL2o100NI
C: 6800 F8J656hcc4
C: 6800 Idd9HK47
C: 6800 00n66LTP
C: 6800 U5YkjE
C: 6800 110B0v
C: 6800 6i565
C: 6800 O0qDU
C: 6800 OBz0
C: 6800 2f036
C: 6800 O7rn2
C: 15000 dmyco6101 m3733

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Name Conditional Access System Country CAId Provider ID Clines Nlines
Canal+ Marghreb Viaccess AMU 0500 041100
Canal+ Marghreb Viaccess AMU 0500 001100
Canal+ Marghreb Viaccess AMU 0500 001140