Bev CCcam clines

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Line Status
C: 12000 alexi2 alexi
C: 11001 DREAMSA134 YA18AE821M
C: 30500 pmolik90
c: 30500 pmolik97
c: 30500 pmolik5
c: 30500 pmolik4
c: 30500 pmolik3
c: 30500 pmolik2
c: 30500 pmolik1
C: 30500 poutyr11
C: 30500 kltiog100
C: 30500 kltiog1
c: 30500 kltiog4
C: 12201 bmew1 bmew2
C: 12201 adam100 amine200
c: 11001 DREAMSA134 YA18AE821M
C: 25200 wiko93 xlum
C: 11001 DREAMSA134 YA18AE821M
C: 11001 DREAMSA134 YA18AE821M

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Name Conditional Access System Country CAId Provider ID Clines Nlines
Bev Nagra 1815 000901
Bev Nagra 1815 000904